This is my 3rd overall siege map, but it is my First fully working one! The waypoint actrually change when you destroy an enemy generator! So, anyway, about the map. Lets see......

I got the name from god knows where, but i got the idea for the map on my own. The attacker's and defender's bases are about 450 clicks away from each other, so there are no vehicle stations. There are 5 generators that the attackers must kill to get to the switch: The BaseFF gen, the 2 Main Gens, the Defense Gen, and the equipment Gen. The main, D, and Equip. gens need to be down to cap. The other gen powers the ff's blocking the base off.

Once again,i have placed no repair packs, but there are plenty of places for the defense to hide inventory stations. Remember, the needs of the many, outway the needs of the few, or one (i have no clue why i just put that in, i just wanted to be a pain in the butt by making you read that). Have Fun!

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